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I started from  the 14 years  to capture images of unexpected, natural, unpublished moments  from my colleagues, friends  and the people around me.  He used cameras with  rolls of white film  and black, printing by hand in the dark room of the school.  Those images that to this day do not stop talking!  

  All change ... technological evolution arrived. The digital age led  the processes to a computer, however, the essence has remained intact.  "The time machine" saves events  that are never repeated again.

I have found my passion in photography and video,   me  art  expressing it in images.

I decided to do what I love every day and be in the place I want, photograph couples in their  environment and the most intimate moments since your pre-wedding session,  even her trash the dress.  Making the moments between moments of the most important day of their lives are captured  forever  in the most  delicate and artistic.   God has blessed my life with two precious children who have already ventured into this wonderful world and my beloved wife whom I thank for her unconditional love.

What do I do?

I document the most significant moments of the wedding, starting from the bride and groom's preparations, makeup, details, special moments, dance, etc.  I take  take into account the natural environment of the party and its guests; My goal is to assure you that nothing will be missing.

Who is it  my client?

I work exclusively with people who appreciate and take great care of their memories. Many tend to be "open mind", with a sense of humor, generally  somewhat busy. I love being able to deliver what they need even if they haven't asked for it. Their memories are my greatest concern, so that my client is completely unconcerned about the subject and can enjoy  of the celebration together with your friends and family.

Description of the services offered

I work with dedication on all aspects and details of the wedding.  I deliver the material  about 30 days later  of the wedding, however,  I upload "highlights" of the event on the internet two days later. I am submitting two versions of the images, one in a version for use on social networks, and the high resolution version so that you can print the images you want.



Video is a tool with incredible documentary richness ... if photography is a book, video is a whole encyclopedia!  I edit in a summary of 4  minutes, the whole wedding,  which you can share with all your friends.  I also deliver the long version (documentary type) of the ceremony and the party, with an approximate duration of 60 minutes.



I print albums in various versions.  In the platinum package I have included the Reinaissance vertical book of 30 pages, however we have options of albums printed in Italy of  high quality. Later I have a sample of these beautiful books, unique like you!

Renaissance  vertical

12 x 18 "of 30  pages

Renaissance  vertical

12 x 18 "of 30  pages


There is nothing more beautiful than being able to meet and break the "ice" having fun in a session prior to your  wedding celebrating love with memorable images which you can share with your loved ones.   I love sharing these intimate moments before your wedding.  It's worth it,  take the time to live them!

The reason is that between two people, we have the possibility of being in two places at the same time. Examples:
-Photograph the groom's and bride's preparations
-Document the groom's expression as she approaches in front of the altar and at the same time have her eyes looking at him from the other perspective.


More creativity and diversity in the final report!

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